• Odor Removal from Carpets

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    Odor Removal from carpets in Huntington Beach CA

    Bad odors aren’t just simply a nuisance for home owners, but they can also be an indication of bacteria, mold, or other problems underneath a carpet. That is why at Pacific Services we don’t just provide a quick brush-the-dirt-off service, but we look into all cases to insure that the problem has been properly identified, solved, and that the home owner has been educated on how to avoid such issues.

    Odors aren’t the only thing that can be caused by mold, pets, cooking, plants, and cigarette smoke. A decrease in home value, allergic reactions, and other health downsides are brought on with these issues. That is why our skilled technicians are trained in eliminating the root of bad odors so that the smell can disappear, but also so that health and home value downsides can also be removed.

    Odor Removal in Huntington Beach CA

    At Pacific Services we offer odor removal for home owners in Huntington Beach and surrounding areas. Our process includes a pre-spray that is applied to the area before hot water extraction begins, and then a final spray. These solutions are pet, carpet, and people safe, and they are designed to remove urine and feces stains and odor. The final spray is essentially a safe bacteria enzyme which will decompose any of the contaminants listed prior.

    Our entire process is designed so that the carpet attachment to the floor below is kept intact even during the deepest of odor removals. And our solutions are safe for the carpet and they do not damage any materials. Furthermore, we rinse all areas completely to make sure that all cleaning byproducts are removed and all that is left behind is simply your clean carpet.

    Before beginning odor removal on an entire carpet, or an area of a carpet, we will inspect for damage which may be underneath. If damage is detected, it will be reported to the home owner since a repair might be required. To minimize liquid and chemical damage to the underneath of your floor, it is always recommended to clean the area and give us a call as soon as any spill occurs. This minimizes the time that the corrosive, staining, or odor-causing solution has time to become embedded in the carpet and floor. We are available anytime for answering questions, providing free quotes, and scheduling appointments!

    In the event that an odor cannot be removed, we will not charge anything. This is our guarantee, as well as the guarantee that we will provide a free carpet replacement quote in the event that odor removal did not yield desirable results. However, severe cases in which odor removal is not possible are rare. If we detect that mold has grown underneath your carpets or that rotting is taking place beneath them, then we will notify you before we attempt to remove the odor.

    Huntington Beach Carpet Deodorizing

    In addition to providing home owners with odor removal services, we also deodorize carpets after our work is complete. This insures that the carpet and upholstery at hand remains smelling fresh and new for as long as possible. Furthermore, we can also schedule a cleaning and deodorizing plan with home owners for continuous and hassle-free carpet care maintenance. Since most homes only need their carpets cleaned once to twice a year, it’s quite easy to make sure that you never end up having to remove odors or replace parts of carpets.