We get numerous calls from homeowners asking for Marble Cleaning services. When we do offer you marble cleaning, we rarely discover that what the consumer is actually searching for is the truth is ‘cleaning’ of their marble.


    Additional frequently than not, what clients are looking for is that beautiful shine their marble floors had after they had been new.


    Marble is actually a reasonably soft stone. When it becomes dull and scratched, it loses its shine and luster. Quite a few people see this and consider their stone is dirty and requires expert cleaning. In actuality, the stone needs to be refinished and polished to restore the shine it had originally.


    How Shine is Restored


    The deep shine we see on polished stone is accomplished by rubbing the stone with a series of abrasive supplies. The course of action is extremely similar to sanding a piece of wood. The stone is rubbed with a coarse abrasive grit, followed by finer and finer grits until the stone becomes smooth. The scratches left behind from a single grit are removed by the subsequent, developing finer and finer scratches. The process continues till the scratches are microscopic. The shine on the stone is accomplished by abrading the surface to the point at which it becomes incredibly smooth and starts to create some reflectivity. The shine on the stone is hence a solution of optics.


    Stone Restoration and Refinishing


    This course of action is normally known as stone restoration or stone refinishing and is something that should only be done by a qualified qualified stone restoration enterprise.